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Monday, April 9, 2012

Adele - "Cold Shoulder" Chords

Adele - "Cold Shoulder" Chords

Adele - Cold Shoulder

Album : 19
Released : 28 April 2008
Format : Digital download, CD single
Recorded : Compass Point Studios (Nassau, Bahamas)
Genre : R&B, soul, pop, Funk
Label : XL Recordings
Writer(s) : Adele, Sacha Skarbek
Producer : Mark Ronson

Chords :

Intro: Am Em [3x]

You (Am)say it's all in my (Em)head
and the things I(Am) think just don't make (Em)sense
So where you (Am)been then, don't go all (Em)coy,
don't turn it (Am)round on me like it's my (Em)fault
See I can (C)see that look in (G)your eyes
The one that (C)shoots me each and every (G)time

(E)You (Am)grace me with your cold shoulder(Em)
Whenever (Am)you look at me I wish I was (Em)her
You (C)shower me with words made of (G)knives
Whenever (Am)you look at me I wish I was (B7)her

Am Em [2x]

These (Am)days when I see (Em)you,
you make it (Am)look like I'm (Em)see-through
Do tell me (Am)why you waste our (Em)time,
when your heart (Am)ain't in it, and you're not (Em)satisfied
You know I (C)know just how (G)you feel
I'm starting (C)to find myself feeling that way (G)too


(C)Time and time (Ab)again, I play the (G)role of fool (Ab)(Just for you)
(C)Even in the (Ab)daylight when you (G)think that (I don't see you)
(C)Try to look for (Ab)things I hear but (G)our eyes never (Ab)find
(C)Though I do know (Ab)how you play(G)

[Chorus 2x]

Am Em [4x]

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