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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dierks Bentley - "5-1-5-0" Chords

Dierks Bentley - "5-1-5-0" Chords

Dierks Bentley - 5-1-5-0

Album : Home
Released : April 9, 2012
Format : Music download
Genre : Country
Label : Capitol Nashville
Writer(s) : Dierks Bentley, Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers
Producer : Brett Beavers, Luke Wooten

Chords :

Capo 4

Intro: D C C/B C D {twice}

(D)Ever since I met you girl, (G)you been on my brain
(D)I can’t think of nothing else but (G)you all night and day
(D)It’s like I got a first class seat up on (F)Ozzy’s (G)train
It’s (G)driving me insane

(D)5-1-5-0, (G)somebody call the po-po
(D)I’m goin’ crazy(C), (G)thinkin’ ‘bout you baby(F) (D)
(D)5-1-5-0, (G)just this side of loco
(D)I’m goin’ crazy(C), (G)think I love you baby(F) (D)

I gotta get your number girl, I gotta call you up
I gotta get you ridin’ shotgun in my truck
This little bit of you I’ve got, it ain’t good enough
Yeah, you got me all messed up


Cause (G)I, ain’t never felt like (D)this, no
And (G)I, I just need one (A)kiss, from you
(A)And I’ll be good as new
(A)If I don’t get some of your sweet lovin’ no tellin’ what I might do



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