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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Edens Edge - "Amen" Chords

Edens Edge - "Amen" Chords

Edens Edge - Amen

Album : Edens Edge
Released : March 28, 2011
Format : Music download
Genre : Country
Label : Big Machine
Writer(s) : Skip Black, Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Gerald O'Brien
Producer : Mark Bright

Chords :

Capo on 3

Intro.: (D) (D) (Bm) (A)

(D)I heard from a friend of a(Em) friend of a friend that
You finally got(Bm) rid of that girlfriend
You finally came(A) out of that love coma boy
(D)I've heard Mary Jane at the(Em) powder-puff beauty shop
Sayin' that(Bm)mblond in her tube top
She left our(A) Jimmy for a boy in Illinois
(G)Someone give me an amen, someone give me an amen

(D)Can I get a Thank God Hallelujah,(A) you finally saw what she was doing to ya
(G)Your mama called that she was right, glad to see you(A) saw the light
(D)Whole town, yeah, we hooped and hollered,(A) she drove away nobody stopped her
(G)Na na na na na na, I'll (Em)say it again(F#m)
(G)Someone give me an a-(D)men

Inst.: (D) (D) (Bm) (A)

(D)Yeah right, like I really(Em) coulda said something
You wouldn't heard it if the(Bm) train was coming
You had your(A) head so high in the clouds
(D)Oh why, I had a(Em) really good reason
For(Bm) hiding my feelings but(A) now I can finally spit it out
(G)Someone give me an amen, someone give me an amen.

[Repeat Chorus]

(Bm)I'm standing right(A) here in front of(G) you
I think I(Em) love you too

[Repeat Chorus]

(Em)Someone give me an(G) a(D) men
(D)Na na na na na na,(Em) na na na na na na na(G) (A)
(D)Na na na na na na,(Em) na na na na na,(G) yeah!(D) -----

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