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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chris Young - "Neon" Chords

Chris Young - "Neon" Chords

Chris Young - Neon

Album : Neon
Released : March 26, 2012
Format : Music download
Genre : Country
Label : RCA Nashville
Writer(s) : Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Trevor Rosen
Producer : James Stroud

Chords :

Intro: (C) (C) (C) (C)
The(C) sky in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Is just about as blue as it gets
And if (Dm)you ain't seen a santa fe sunset
you ain't seen(C) red
Texas sunflower yellow
can take your breath (C7)away
(Dm)I've seen it all
from the (C/E)orange of the fall
to the(F) green of the summer
but(G) my favorite color is

(C)Neon, the light they always (Dm)leave on
(A)weekend on the(G) rocks
and an old school jukebox
with a little johnny(C) lee on
the buzz i love to (Dm)be on
You put a double of your(G) troubles
the light at this end of the(G) tunnel is (Dm)N--e(C/E)-----(F)----(G)-----(C)---on

the sun can do the job in the daytime
but the moon ain't quite bright enough
to light up the way to playtime for people like us
just like a beachside beacon
callin all the ships back home
a few thousand volts to cut through the smoke
the windows are tinted
that's why they invented


You know(F) I've seen it all
From the(G) orange of the fall
to the (Dm)green of the summer
but(F) my favorite(G) color is

Neon the light they always leave on
put a double on your troubles
the light at this end of the tunnel is neon

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