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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thompson Square - "I Got You" Chords

Thompson Square - "I Got You" Chords

Thompson Square - I Got You

Album : Thompson Square
Released : May 9, 2011
Format : Music download
Genre : Country
Label : Stoney Creek
Writer(s) : Kiefer Thompson, Shawna Thompson, Jason Sellers, Paul Jenkins
Producer : New Voice Entertainment

Chords :

Intro: (D) (A) (G) (G)

(D)A car's got gasoline(A) to run, down(G) the road
(D)A crop's got rain(A), dirt and sun, (G)to make 'em grow
(D)A song's got rhyme, a (A)clock's got time
(G)You got me and baby

I got you(D)
Yea you're it(A), the missing piece(G) that makes me fit
I got you(D), the breath I breathe(A), and there ain't nothing (G)else I need
Baby I got you,(D)
Yeah yeah(A) yeah yeah(G)

I don't need a big ole house, full of stuff
What my arms are wrapped around, that's enough
Your morning smile, your kiss goodnight
And everything's alright

[Repeat Chorus]
When the right(F#) goes wrong(Bm)
When I'm scared(F#) to death and got nothing(Bm) left to lean on(E)

I got you(D)
Yeah yeah(A) yeah yeah(G)
Yeah I do
Baby I got you(D)
Yeah yeah(A) yeah(G)
Yeah you got me to

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah baby
I got you
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Baby I got you
Baby I got you

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